Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML) for ERP

It is a fact that the underlying technologies for Artificial Intelligence is getting matured day by day, thanks to the technology behemoths like Google, Amazon, IBM etc. It has been matured to a level where AI is becoming a viable option which can be implemented for day to day use.

But will it help the existing software systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Can it improve the existing systems/ will the new age ERP systems adopt the benefits of AI and Machine Learning at the first place?

We have thought of various new opportunities that AI can bring into the current applications.  The opportunities AI opens up are tremendous, in terms of testing the applications, providing better user experience etc.  The machine learning capabilities introduced in to the Enterprise Softwares can analyse the data generated by these systems faster and can alert the business when needed.

We are putting in a lot of research in this field to improve SmartERP with AI and Machine Learning.  The new age ERP is going to be AI enabled ERP for the Smart world.

Soon the ERP integrated Artificial Intelligence software will be capable enough to help the decision makers.  The data captured by the ERP systems will be analyzed by the AI systems continuously.

SmartERP will soon have capability to interact with the users through voice and speech synthesis.

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