Efficient Warehoue Management with integrated ERP

Optimising the inventory carrying cost is a priority for most of the organisations to achieve excellence.
The cost reduction cannot be achieved only by having an exceptional shelf-rack layout and location of the warehouses. It is important to have an efficient Software that can locate the stock, handle the shelf life expiry, manages cycle counts, and plans for replenishment of materials when required.
There are various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) softwares available in the market which caters to the requirements of various industries. One of the major drawback of the traditional ERP softwares is that they lack flexibility, works on old technologies and very expensive to acquire and maintain. Also most of them are controlled by large multinationals which makes it very difficult if any changes are required in the software to fit the individual business.

Qualitec Services SmartERP is a perfect fit for organisations who are looking to optimise their spending on warehouse management. It has rich features that will equip the organisation to efficiently manage the inventory and its movements.

In addition to that the mobile apps enable the user to easily record data in situ at the warehouse.  The handsfree mode allows the users to quickly interact with the application to understand the components that are to be picked and despatched.

The cycle counting functionality will allow the warehouse staff to periodically count the actual quantity and correct any stock discrepancies after necessary approvals.


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