Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the Smartphone age

A computer used to be a powerful computational device which I saw on television and read about in stories or the science fiction books I enjoyed. Additionally, through a child’s eyes, I perceived, via the media, the profound power of these devices. I witnessed a range of functions from data and information management to gaming to the power of computers to help Nasa launch rockets into space.

We have transitioned from the desktop computers to laptops, tablets and Smartphones that are having equal or superior computing power when compared to the earlier high end computers.  Further, we have seen the trend that the traditional business applications getting obsolete as they resisted the change and failed to adopt new age technologies.

Qualitec Services Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software SmartERP has cashed in with its state of the art mobile applications.  The mobile based applications that can be used for stock checking, stock counting, approval management etc. has placed the software in the right spot.

Few Screenshots from the product are shown below.  These screenshots are taken from an android device (Samsung Galaxy S4 was used).  Bar code scanning attachment can be optionally attached to the device.

Menus for selection         Part Search Screen

Stock Checking Screen

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Sales enquiries may be sent to: sales@qualitecservices.com

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