SmartERP for Smarter Business

Qualitec SmartERP is a proven Enterprise Resource Planning software offered by Qualitec Services FZE. It offers a solution based on industry best practices suitable to transform the business processes.

SmartERP is best fit for Supply Chain & Manufacturing companies who need strong SCM, Financial and Human Capital management solutions. The software is built on industry best practices by seasoned industry experts.  Product data sheet is available here.

Smart ERP can handle multiple legal entities and multiple organizations in one single database and is highly scalable for Small & Medium Business as well as large Organizations.  The ERP product has been built for the new age with its state of the art mobile applications.  The mobile based applications that can be used for stock checking, stock counting, approval management etc. has placed the software in the right spot.  You can read more about the mobile device related features here.

Various modules in SmartERP are shown in the below chart:

Qualitec SmartERP Product Introduction
Qualitec SmartERP Product Introduction
  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Warehouse Management
  3. Purchasing
  4. Order Management
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  7. Accounts Receivables
  8. Accounts Payables
  9. General Ledger
  10. Cash Management
  11. Human Resource Management
  12. Payrolls
  13. Leave and Compensation Management

A screenshot of Qualitec SmartERP is shown below.

SmartERP SCM Measurement units setups

The aviation/airline Maintenance Repair and Overhaul companies can go for SmartERP with SmartMRO. SmartMRO is tailor made for aircraft MRO companies.  You can read more about our Aviation maintenance ERP software here.

A short video of accessing the software and setups screens for the HR Security Management, Time and Attendance feature are given below.

The web application can be provided as on premises or cloud based SAS service.  The software is highly responsive and is compatible with mobile devices and PCs alike.

Details of some of the key features of Supply Chain Management module of SmartERP are explained in below paragraphs.   For more details, please contact us for a product demo.

Supply Chain Management

SmartERP has comprehensive functionality to handle the Supply Chain of modern enterprises. Various features available in SmartERP are detailed below.

The supply chain functionalities are categorized under the below modules.

Master Data

The data elements captured as a Supply Chain Management Master data in SmartERP are (1) Unit master (2)Unit conversion (3) Item wise unit conversion (4) Item type (5) Item classification (6)Item master (7)Sub inventory (8)Locators (9)Locations (10)Sub inventory relationships etc.

Warehouse Management

SmartERP is suitable for large scale warehouse management requirements.  The inventory can be managed under various organization, sub-inventory and locator segment setups.  Also, it supports bar-coding the the components and managing the component locations for easy retreival and stock management.


Comprehensive Purchasing functionality is available in SmartERP that  will equip the organizations to handle purchasing with ease.  The following are the main functionalities in Purchasing Modules of SmartERP.
(1) Purchase Enquiry (2) Purchase Order (3) Stock inward (4) Purchase return

Purchase Enquiry (RFQ
Purchase Enquiry (RFQ) screens

The buyers can evaluate the quotes received and the purchase orders can be linked to this Enquiry.  i.e the PO can be created from the Enquiry lines.  This enables the organization to handle a complete audit of the purchasing process.  Also, the purchase order approval process can be flexibly defined based on the organizations requirement.

Sales and Order Management

SmartERP has a very detailed module to handle the Sales and Order Management from the customers.  The Request for Quotations from the customer can be well managed through SmartERP and orders can be fulfilled with complete traceability of the Quotations, Customers PO, Invoicing and Receipt of payments from the Customer.  Various reports in SmartERP can be used to monitor the delivery of components to the customer and receipt of payment from the customer to analyse the sales.

A screenshot of the Delivery Order Screen is provided below.

The complete process of Sales with lot/ serial controlled components can be managed using SmartERP efficiently.  The integrated document management functionality allows the users to save any documentation associated to the transactions in a secured Document Management System.